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This is the guild site of the Lost Legion!

We are a Pathfinder Online Guild. A fun, adult, friendly crew, Lost Legions is a gathering of mature, yet silly, individuals soon to be playing our new favorite video game.

The plan is to have a moderate amount of structure, allowing players of all preferences, so long as they are the good guys. The structure should pan out as Neutral Good, but we will have our share of both Law and Chaos, I imagine.

The Lost Legions' motto:
Not all those who wander are Lost... but we are. Everybody Drink!
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Lost Legion - The Pathfinder Chapter - It's official!

Lost Leader, Jan 15, 13 7:11 AM.
Well, the kickstarter project was a success, and the Lost Legion is officially a Pathfinder Online guild. So excited!

For those who were a part of the 8 accounts I pledged for, I will get you the info on the accounts as soon as I get the emails about them. Please feel free to ask me any questions in person, or in DDO. I have all your special orders for the add-ons, which I will specify to them in the email questionnaire when I get it. I am not sure on that timeline just yet.

I believe our current enrollment is about 14, but it may be a couple more. It is a mix of my tabletop crew, our DDO crew, and some tabletop friends of some of the other DDO players. Looks like we will have a solid core of great people, and a nice mix of play styles.

It's gonna be awesome!
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